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July 16th, 2008

Long time readers of this blog (all four of you) wont find it difficult to remember my usual posts on my birthdays. Always a time to stop, reflect and setting goals. Well, another birthday came, I’m 29 now, and starting a new chapter in my life. I’m joining Microsoft and relocating to the North hemisphere.

I’m sure you have many questions. I’m going to put some effort in answering the ones I can anticipate.


Many reasons. First of all, meeting Scott Guthrie and talking to Brad Abrams made me realize those guys are just as fanaticts about technology as I am. They want to create things that rocks, and so do I.

You probably remember the many times that I’ve made public my disagreement with MS, the .Net team, the ASP.Net team and even the virtualization team. I’m still carrying these disagreements, my beliefs haven’t shifted a bit. The difference is that from now on I will have a chance to make a difference, to tell people what – in my view – is wrong and how it could be fixed, directly.

I’m joining MS with nothing but respect to those guys — as I love .net and it is my platform of choice, and the same is true to most of you reading this — and have felt the same respect from them. IMHO respect is the foundation of a good relationship.

Secondly, having a company (Castle Stronghold) is great – you can set different directions, invest time, money and whatnot on what you think is best, you can see things florishing (or not). That being said, I shall add that sometimes it’s a nightmare. It’s definitely not cool when a client tells you they are broken and can’t pay you. And that is just a tiny bit of the stress and aggravation associted with running a business. It was a great opportunity to realize that I have friends in many countries that came with projects to help us. Won’t _ever_ forget.

The decision wasn’t easy. After getting the formal proposal the ‘what if..’s started to pop up. I had lunches and dinners with friends that have been working for MS. The goods and bads were discussed to exhaustion. I decided in favor as it would be an enriching experience. I’m also sure it will be a shocking experience, coming from such a small company that I’ve founded, where things are fast, big decisions are taken within hours; to the largest software company in the west coast… Yeah, that scares me.. a lot.

And the decision didn’t come without its price. I will be very very far away from my extended family, which I visit at least once every week — will now be once in an year, perhaps? And far away from my friends.. Also means the end of a long-lasting relationship which in itself is painfully enough.

On the other side is the start of a whole new experience that I’m sure is going to change me deeply.

What are you going to do there?

If you have listened this podcast you know what the community expects from MS. I like to think I’m joining to help solve the problems pointed there.

Formally I’m joining as a Program Manager on the MEF team. I would love (and expect) to participate in several fronts, though, as any member on the DevDiv.

What happens to Castle?

That was a delicate subject to me, but surprinsingly it wasn’t a problem to them. I got a written permission to keep working on Castle as much as I want. So nothing changes…

What happens to Donjon?

The guys at Stronhold will keep improving it and soon release it. I wont be able to keep working on it. I’m sure it will rock!

What happens to Castle Stronghold?

Albeit I was the frontman at CS, there’s a handful of talented people there. For the first time we were lucky hiring a junior developer – I couldn’t believe myself – and I’m positive the company will have a great future.

I’m going to have a small share of the company, but wont be involved anymore. Stronghold also just had a share sold to one of our clients, I’ll release details soon once it gets signed.

That’s all. My start date is August 11th, so expect a few more posts on donjon and related stuff here until there.

Wish me luck and see you at Canada.

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106 Responses to “Joining Microsoft”

Dave Says:

Good luck at the new gig.

I’m feeling good vibes around the MEF, even better now!

Jason Meridth Says:

Good luck Hammett. You’re influence will make things better.

Hammett joins Microsoft - Jason Meridth Says:

[...] here.  I couldn't believe until I read it.  He will be a Program Manager for MEF [...]

andre Says:

congratulations Hammett and good luck on your Microsoft journey! hopefully you can help make them better and more receptive of open source too…

Robz Says:

Congrats! Next thing we know Oren will be joining MS. ;)

Robz Says:


James Kovacs Says:

Congratulations, Hammett! This is big news. I look forward to seeing where your new adventure takes you… and to finally meeting you in person at ALT.NET Canada!

Chris Says:

Congrats! That rocks, but does this mean you’re replacing Mr. Haack on the ASP.NET MVC project? ;)

Mike Says:

Congrads Hammett!

Nicholas Blumhardt Says:

Awesome! Congratulations Hammett!

Justice~! Says:


I am thrilled for you Hammett; thrilled for you, thrilled for Microsoft, and thrilled for our industry in general. What a fantastic move this could be. Congratulations!! I very much look forward to seeing you at ALT.NET Canada.

Jan Van Ryswyck Says:

Congratulations. The best of luck.

Colin Ramsay Says:

Congratulations Hammett. It must have been a tough decision, so good luck for the future.

Scott Bellware Says:

Congrats, Hamilton! Looking forward to seeing what comes of your ideas and MEF.

Jeremy Gray Says:

Hot damn, Hamilton! Congrats!

See you in Calgary!

josh Says:

wow! well, congratulation. I’m not surprised they didn’t have any problem with you continuing work on castle. Rob Conery is still working on SubSonic. What team will you on? I assume you’re moving to Redmond then?

Haacked Says:

Congrats Hammet! Guess those visits to Redmond planted the bug in the back of your mind. ;) Looking forward to having you aboard fighting the good fight.

I think you’ll find that attitudes and beliefs are shifting internally more than people would expect, though not in every group and not at a pace that makes everyone happy.

“My beliefs haven’t shifted a bit.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the give-and-take of teaching and learning and growing at MS shift your beliefs slightly over time. Not in a bad way mind you, but I’ve found if my beliefs never change, then I’m not growing. And if the organizations beliefs never change, then it’s stagnant. It’ll be good to have your perspective here. :)

@Chris Am I doing that poor of a job that I need to be replaced?! :(

Simone Says:

Congratulation Hammett,
hopefully we’ll see a real IoC/DI inside the core .NET framework :)
Have fun moving from the sunny Brasil to the rainy Redmond :)

Ken Egozi Says:

Thumbs up for you for getting into an interesting position and for taking an exciting opportunity.

Thumbs up for MS for laying their hands on one of the brightest and coolest.

I’m certain both parties would gain a lot from that, and the .NET community will gain even more.

Hammett – you’re the Man.

Gokhan Says:

Good for you, MS, and us as the customers. Congratulations.
“Young man left Brasil we all know and love, for an abstract thing called MEF”. Now, that’s news :)

Glenn Block Says:

Welcome to the team! Looking forward to working with you and living all out our DI fanatasies :)

Ernst Naezer Says:

Very good news indeed! Congratulations and all the best in Redmond.

Casey Says:

well done, massive congratulations!!! Your work on Castle is legendary, and I’m sure has been a major factor in moving MS forwards in development thinking, now keep up the good work from the inside.

Antonio Says:

Congratulations Hamilton! You’ll do the difference everywhere you will be :)

Charlie Says:

Well done, i’m sure it will be great move for you, MS are lucky to have you. Keep the MVC team honest!

Dan Says:

another promising project which dies..eaten up by Microsoft..

Alessandro Riolo Says:

Bonae fortunae, tibi et Microsofti.
That said, hope you will going on writing a blog, here or at their places, I enjoy reading your lines.

Lee Henson Says:

The infiltration continues…. ;)

Best of luck, H-bomb.

Robi Says:

Congrat. for your birthday & new oppurtunities

goodwill Says:

I just hope MS will replace ASP.NET MVC with something mature (you got what I mean….) Castle/MR are way more mature than ASP.NET MVC, I don’t think its a good idea to do ASP.NET MVC personally…. what we need maybe some kind of IDE/generator support :)

Best wishes for hammett!

Chris Says:

@Haacked You’re doing an awesome job!

Although it is interesting that they are bringing in the leader of the original .NET MVC project.

Is Microsoft trying to kill the open source project by removing the founder?

Alvin Ashcraft Says:

Congrats, man! Microsoft and the MEF team are lucky to have you.

Nick Parker Says:

Congratulations Hammett, best of luck!

Jonathon Rossi Says:

Exciting news, congratulations Hammett. Looking forward to your direct impact on Microsoft products.

Damon Wilder Carr Says:


(grin) just kidding…Microsoft has been snagging leaders in the open source community for a while now. Frankly I am suprised it took them this long to made you the number where you just cannot say no.

It makes sense on a strategic scale and I remember a few years ago speaking with friends at Patterns and Practices that were well aware of this strategy. Frankly they never seemed to think it would be much trouble (as say compared to IE and how hard that was initially).

It will not be hard I feel to eventually shift open source innovation back to other frameworks (unfortunately) if Microsoft makes it simply irrational for anyone to work on a project that could never be a fraction as good. We’ll see as NHibernate has one damn large head start in my opinion and they are cranking.

On one topic.. I was in Redmond recently and MAN DOES THE Entity Services thing piss them off (vote of NC). There was a feeling they had already really knocking it out of the part and were waiting on release with some tweaks. Then BAM! It appeared to me they didn’t see it coming (another reason they need people like yourself as you could of ‘briefed’ them no doubt).

Of all the groups at the large suck mothership I think MEF is where to be perhaps…

I was just going to contact you about any interest in doing some work through stronghold here in New York City… If that is still possible let me know on: (even if it is other team members).

Perhaps now is the best time almost ever (better would be at startup of course) as I cannot think of a time where MSFT were ‘living’ as well as ‘delivering’ best practices in actual process, concepts and patterns!

Seriously can you think of a time they were even trying other then the

And don’t worry about friends. You won;t need them where you are going (grin).

Damon Wilder Carr

Damon Wilder Carr Says:

Ah also, I am going to cover this as a news story on our .NET Leader coverage. If you have strong feelings against this let me know. It’s quite newsworthy. One issue is I can see people calling Castle into question for viability. I’ll try to offer assurances as I do know the team is very strong.

I see no ‘vendor viability’ concerns being valid (unless you say otherwise which you already countered above).


Steve Gentile Says:

Good luck, you’ll do well.

I hope you’ll be able to use your skills and talents, your one of the sharpest developers around, I’ve always been very impressed with what your able to do.

Go make a difference – and love what you do :)

BREAKING NEWS! Castle Project Lead Hamilton Verissimo Joins Microsoft « don’t give up on software Says:

[...] In a strategic move on Microsoft’s part that has the open source community buzzing, the well-known and respected founder of the Castle Project Hamilton Verissimo has accepted a position with Microsoft’s MEF group. [...]

Niklas Bergius Says:

Congratulations Microsoft! And good for you, Hammett.

Ben Scheirman Says:

Wow. I can imagine what a big decision this was for you. I think this is a great thing for Microsoft and the community. Congratulations & good luck in your new position.

Simone Says:

Well… I forgot that this is also your birthday… so… Happy Birthday as well :)

Craig Neuwirt Says:


It’s difficult to describe what a pleasure and privilege it has been working with you on the Castle project for the past 4 years. I am really glad to have had the opportunity to meet with you in person too. Best of luck at MS and I am sure we will cross paths in the future.


Eric Hexter Says:

wow. That is great. Congratulations.

Daniel Jin Says:

Awesome. A win for the developer community. This will make my effort of selling good solutions to my clients that much easier. Congratulations!

Torkel Says:

Nice, congratulations!

Alex Simkin Says:

Congratulations and the best of luck!

Paolo Says:

Congrats Hamilton, but as others i am sad that MS is killing beautifull OS like Castle.
Would it be so unreal for MS to just sponsor the project and keep it open source? And maybe to deploy it in .NET framework to make the thing official to the .NET users?

Brad Abrams Says:

Great! I can’t wait until you start!! I am sure you will have a big impact here…

hammett Says:


Well, I started Castle, back in 2004, that’s true. Today there’s a whole team of great people behind it. You may say I have influence on castle’s direction, yes, because I have lot of investment there – meaning I have many solutions running using those bits. MS isn’t killing Castle. Castle is not a competitor, it doesn’t mean any profit loss for MS. And finally I’m still going to be involved, coding, releasing, documenting.

hammett Says:

@Phil, what I meant was that MS isn’t “buying” my opinions :-)

Tim Barcz Says:

Congratulations… I look forward to hearing more about your experiences and impact.

Tipping my hat to Scott Guthrie for hiring, yet another great developer.

Dew Drop - July 16, 2008 | Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew Says:

[...] Joining Microsoft (Hamilton Verissimo) [...]

Sidar Ok Says:

Congrats !! MS is lucky to have you !

Bart Says:

Wow, cool dude. Congrats and good luck at MSFT.

Christopher Bennage Says:

Seems like maybe there were more than 4 readers. :-)
First, congratulations. This is a good thing for .NET developers.
The funny thing about this is that I said to myself a couple of days ago “If I were Microsoft, I think I’d hire Hammett.” Of course, I was thinking MVC, but hey!

Jarda Says:

I just feel the need to add my good luck wishes as well… ;-)

Ryan Lanciaux Says:

Congratulations! That sounds like it is awesome for both you and Microsoft.


Chris Hardy Says:

Congratulations Hammett! Looks like when the MS MVC Framework moves into CTP we’re going to move away from Monorail and head on to that (we were going to do that anyway but even more reason to now).

Good luck, the MVC team seems to seem to be a good team to work with.

Tuna Toksoz Says:

Congratulations! You’ll change microsoft in way, i hope :)

Srdjan Says:

congratulations Hammett and good luck !

josh Says:

Hammett, just a quick thought… don’t stop blogging.

Mj. Logan Says:

Congratulations, Hammet!
I’m sure it will be an incredible new experience!
“Great Success!” :^P


Me + MEF = A new beginning - Glenn Block Says:

[...] two weeks. Originally I wasn't planning to post yet, however yesterday I saw Hammett let the cat out of the bag about his joining us, so I thought I shouldn't wait [...]

Onur Gumus Says:

Good luck Hammett and please stay MONO-Compatible !!!!

Brendan Rice Says:

Good luck Hammet! Smart move by Microsoft and it makes the future bright for the rest of us :)

Jason Gaylord Says:

Congratulations on your new position. I have noticed that as folks join Microsoft their products continue to improve. It’s not always easy to appeal to everyone.

Gauthier Segay Says:

Best wishes for you at your new position, as well as to your coworker at Castle Stronghold.

You’re about to build-up over an impressive opportunity there and hopefully bring MS customers excellent things on the ORM side.

Catalin’s Zeroes and Ones » Blog Archive » If you can’t beat them… hire them Says:

[...] Well, seems like good news to me. You can find more about his reasons here [...]

Marcelo Liberato Says:

Congrats again, dude.

Neal Blomfield Says:

AWESOME! Looking forward to seeing you put your stamp on some of the stuff coming out of MS. Great to see they have started looking around at the real talent in the community and are embracing old (as in been around a while and learnt the ropes) talent with a great grasp on how to build real software (as opposed to that horrible drag n drop stuff).
Great news and best wishes for your new endeavor.

Gauthier Segay Says:

erm, not on the ORM side (sticking with AR for a while), well on the greater componentization (and integration with other frameworks) of future applications.

that’s confusing :)

Symon Rottem Says:

Congrats Hammett!

Slava Says:

congrats Hammet. hope you’ll have a blast and make a difference. :)

so, is Ayende next?:)

Edward Kmett Says:

Congratulations! team Says:


Stats on people reading about you just on 7/16

Castle Project Lead Joins MSFT 687


Bruno Caimar Says:

Congratulations ! That’s sound great !
I hope that you can show something about your new job in Brazil soon.

Roelof Says:

Congratulations Hamilton! It’s great news for the .NET framework and the MS developer community to have a bit of Castle goodness :-)

Now you’re being ‘freed’ from running a company, I wish you great inspiration and concentration on helping create another great framework.

Good luck and hopefully our future paths cross somewhere/sometime.

– Roelof.

Pascal Lindelauf Says:


Happy birthday, man and congrats on an undoubtfully awfully hard decision. Guess you’ll put your plans on moving to Florianopolis on a hold for now, huh? ;)

Anyway, it’s good and bad news. Another great OS project gets seriously sidetracked. On the other hand, we’re now likely to see your brilliant ideas pop-up in actual Microsoft-supported frameworks and products, which will reach a far greater audience. Hopefully as a program manager, you’ll still be able to provide great architectural insights to the actual development teams and not manage on macro level.

Anyway, all the best in the exciting months to come and hopefully we’ll continue to be a part of your adventures through your blog.


Phil Degenhardt Says:

Wow. Congratulations Hamilton! Very smart move by Microsoft. I’m sute they realise what they are getting and I hope they do not let your talents wither on the vine. The Castle suite is one of the neatest pieces of software (in concept and execution) that I’ve come across in many years. We’ll be hoping for even bigger things now you have the resources of the giant at your disposal!

henke Says:

Congratulations Hamilton! :)

Luke Melia Says:

Congrats, H! They’re lucky to be hiring you.

Cheers from NYC,

Carlos Lone Says:

Congrats ! they’ve hired a Super Star !!!!

Best of luck!

Carlos Ble Says:

Wow!!!! Hammett rocks!
Congratulations mate! This are just great news.

Hammett is joining Microsoft » El blog de Carlos Ble Says:

[...] news! Hamilton Verissimo is joining Microsoft. These are just great news because another great open source developer is joining the Redmon [...]

Andrés G. Aragoneses Says:

Well, congratulations for you! But I would have hoped that the company that “wins” you is not Microsoft, but a better one! Well, then let’s hope they start embracing Castle and other interesting projects. Put your resources to work on them! ;)

BTW, are you allowed to work on Castle on your spare time or even in your “work” time?

hammett Says:

@Andre, I think even work time, if there’s time available – which I guess would be unlikely.

Rafael Texeira Says:

I’m happy for you Hammett. Enjoy your northern stay, I’m quite sure you’ll be successful there…


All about Microsoft mobile edition Says:

[...] “Hammett” Verissimo, the founder of the open-source Castle Project, is joining Microsoft on August 11 as a program manager on the Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF) [...]

Pedro Teixeira Says:

Boa sorte Hamilton! e continue blogando! Vou esperar que logo sai um vídeo seu no channel9 ;)


Danyal Says:

Congratulations Hammett, hope it works out for you…

kibbled_bits Says:

I can’t blame you for cashing out, you’ve done a tremendous amount of good for the open source community. Just don’t forget your roots and don’t loose your critical thinking.

Hamilton Verissimo: Open source Castle Project joins Microsoft Says:

[...] joins Microsoft Hamilton “Hammett” Verissimo, the founder of the open source Castle Project is joining as a program manager on the Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF) team. [...]

Mahesh Says:

Congrats Hammett, really inspirational..go ahead and do the best for us.

Ray Says:

Thats great! Microsoft need professionals like you. Fresh and critical view on things is always great. Good luck Hammett!

Mike Breen Says:

Congrats. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the community.

Guilherme Says:

I used to track your blog and Castle. I learned a lot reading the castle code… And it inspired me to work on an AOP project (NKalore)

Congratulations for this achievement!! Good luck for you!!

You are the guy!!

Yok Says:

I’m glad to see that m$ is having more and more tolerant on technical diversity. But still I think it’s a dictator

Brian Says:

Oh… my… god!

I have to hand it to Microsoft — they have done a very good job recruiting some of the best-of-the-best in the .Net programming community over the past few years. With you, Hammett, they really upped the ante.

I wish you luck, and can’t wait to see the impact you have on Microsoft in the coming months!

BTW, Microsoft is suddenly starting to sound like a good place to work. :)

Hammett joined Microsoft - Says:
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Gabriel Mancini Says:

Congratulations Hammett, and good luck !
please call me to work togeter…

Jordi Serrano Says:

Congrats! Parabéns e boa sorte nessa nova jornada! Are you busy packing all your stuff or has this blog died? lol

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Fabio C. Rispoli Says:

I’m really late on this, but could not avoid congratulating you for this great change. Since the time I read your interventions at that Visual Basic news group in the 90s I could see you were different, very talented and intelligent, being generous giving us a bit of your time.

Hope Microsoft could learn with you. My best wishes and good luck!

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