Now accepting donations

April 23rd, 2008

Let’s see how much the community likes Castle

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9 Responses to “Now accepting donations”

John Says:

Are you gonna help me to build that great architecture ?!
Just kidding, I like Castle ;)

Christopher Bennage Says:

We just instantiated a new corporate policy: each time we land a new project involving a Castle component, we’ll make a donation.
(Of course, we have a back log to make up for too).

Also, I just listened to the Hanselminutes podcast on the Eclipse Foundation. Could something like that benefit Castle?

c.sokun Says:

I love the project and I did make a donation ;)

Bruno Says:

I read somewhere (don´t remember and didn´t found the website) that a framework like Castle has development costs of some million dollars. Just a suggestion: You could provide a page on Castle´s site talking about it, about each framework, providing some background for the “potencial donator”.

I´ll make a donation soon.

Thanks in advance Castle Team.

hammett Says:

almost 7 million dollars, see

Ryan Duffield Says:

@hammett: What prompted the change of heart regarding accepting donations?

hammett Says:

Ryan, rise of debts, fall of income

Ryan Duffield Says:

@hammett: That is unfortunate, but I shall be donating as much as I can! :-)

Brian Says:

It’s about time, Hammett!

You’ve now got some dollars from me — and it’s worth every penny to me.

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