A realistic impression about MonoRail

February 15th, 2008

I keep following what people say about Castle through technorati. Most hail, some bashings – for the wrong reasons – and from time to time I read something that is really cool. Last one was 0 to 60 in … 3 months.

MonoRail is hard, don’t let anyone tell you any different. You have to download a bunch of stuff, set it up on your machine, learn some weird new syntax for writing your web pages, you don’t get intellisense in your webpages, there’s no nice server controls, no drag and dropping to build the UI, the documentation doesn’t always show you how to get things done and much much more.

Very very true.

Update: I’m not being ironic. I agree with the paragraph I quoted, and I suggest go reading the whole post.

6 Responses to “A realistic impression about MonoRail”

Ray Says:

Very funneh.

Keep up the good work hammett and nvm such silly trolls.

josh Says:

Nice! Good to see a glowing review that doesn’t ignore the challenges. Actually the ‘challenge’ of not having drag-n-drop is a bonus for me. (I dislike drag-n-drop design). I’ve only recently put out my first monorail site. Actually I built it in both monorail and ruby on rails to see how they compare. For this simple site they were fairly comparable, except that rails took some configuring to NOT use a database.

There’s so much more to monorail & castle that I’m not using but will as time permits. It’s clear though that it is a huge improvement to the webforms paradigm. I find myself wishing I’d gotten into monorail sooner. There were some projects in the last year or two that would have been much better with MR.

Chad Myers Says:

“there’s no nice server controls, no drag and dropping to build the UI,”

You say that like it’s a bad thing!

I expected that sentence to end with “… and it was GLORIOUS!”

Damien Guard Says:

I understand some of those limitations and welcome them but others like a lack of intellisense could have been solved by keeping the templating language in C#…


hammett Says:

Damien, check AspView http://www.aspview.com/

dru Says:

Ahh, but once its in place. I had to go back and add a feature to a complicated workflow after being away from the code for a few months and I think it took me all of a day to implement. All hail SoC. :)

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