What’s in Castle RC3

September 20th, 2007

So here’s a brief list of what has changed since RC2. The full list is bundled with the .msi installer, and are kept on the release notes folder.


  • Multiple db support without the need to extend ARBase
  • Refactored validation support to use the new Castle Validation
  • InPlaceConfigurationSource.Build() which is handy!
  • Added HqlNamedQuery
  • Lots of bug fixes


The RC3 is the first to include DynamicProxy 2 which has support for generics and is much much faster than version 1


  • Support for generic collections
  • Changed to use DynamicProxy 2
  • Added some sugar to IKernel and IWindsorContainer add/resolve methods
  • Child container support was improved, but still need some review – you’ve been warned
  • Added a simplistic eval support, you can do <?eval $BaseDirectory ?> on your config
  • Both DefaultKernel and WindsorContainer now implement IServiceProvider


  • Added Cache support (see the new Cache attribute)
  • Added IsPost/IsGet/IsPut/IsHead to Controller
  • Added Auto Form Validation
  • FormHelper is nearly perfection, still missing support for selects with multiple enabled
  • Support to register several view engines at once (bye composite view engine) – this is not as good as I’d like it to be. There’s no co-op among them..
  • Added handful of view components
  • Added support to test controllers, viewcomponents, wizard steps without the need to bring the ASP.Net to the table
  • Added JS generation support, and UpdatePage/UpdatePageTag view components
  • Format support on set operations, for example $Form.Select(“price”, [1..100], “%{textformat=’C'}”) is going to render the select elements with currency format
  • Added PaginationHelper.CreateCustomPage which is the most optimized way to deal with pagination
  • Added DiggStylePagination ViewComponent, based on Alex Henderson work
  • Added the following members to SmartDispatcherController (validation related) ValidationSummaryPerInstance : IDictionary, GetErrorSummary(object instance) : ErrorSummary, HasValidationError(object instance) : bool
  • Added ViewComponentDetails attribute (just like ControllerDetails)
  • Added ViewComponentParam attribute which tells MonoRail to bind the arguments as properties on your view component – reducing repetitive code rules
  • Added UrlHelper/UrlBuilder concept


Is out…


  • Added Castle.Validator
  • Added Castle.DictionaryAdapter – still puzzled by this one
  • Improved Binder (another re-write of its implementation)


  • Created the using.castleproject.org
  • Created the api.castleproject.org
  • Initial integration between the Castle.Services.Transaction with MS’ System.Transactions
  • Created Castle.Core

Well, basically that was it. We’ve been busy.

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8 Responses to “What’s in Castle RC3”

Christopher Bennage Says:

Awesome! We do appreciate all the work!

Steve Gentile Says:

Thanks for the update – I look forward to working with it!

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Alex Henderson Says:

It’s great news, I’m definitely looking forward to trying out RC3 this weekend.

Thanks for all the great work Hammet and all the other Castle Contributors :)

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Pedro Teixeira Says:

Now that I was enjoying the “running from the trunk” philosophy ;)

congrats! great work, really!

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