What does your desktop look like?

August 27th, 2007

Just curious.. Mine is here (click for large version):

My main monitor (MacBook Pro screen). The secondary monitor usually has the emails, IM windows, DVD or iTunes.


If you’re wondering, I’m using a custom theme for VS.Net. In fact i got the one Andrew mentioned, and tweaked it until I was happy with it.

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Sean Chambers Says:

do you find vmware to be stable? I thought about running it on my macbook recently but haven’t yet made the plunge. After working in osx for about a week going back to windows feels like taking a step backwards. The only thing that is keeping me on windows now is .net framework and VS.

hammett Says:

Yeah, windows feels too ninety-eight :-)

VMware fusion is awesome! You should try it.

josh Says:

I envy you in that you can run vs.net and tools without booting windows. I may have to ditch linux to run the tools I want because vmware on linux with wireless isn’t up to par for me.

hammett Says:

Time to buy a Mac, josh :-D

Sergio Pereira Says:

Hamilton, where do you put your XP partition and how big it is? I’m thinking of using Fusion on my Mac for .Net stuff but I don’t know if it works well (or at all) in an external usb drive.

Rhywun Says:

I’m testing VMware Fusion a little bit at home – too bad I already paid for Parallels because I like VMware a LOT better.

hammett Says:

Sergio, I’ve installed Bootcamp, then installed VMWare fusion. The recent versions of VMware fusion suggests a different approach for bootcamp so they can optimize HD access. Works quite well, and I still have the option to run windows directly if I want to play games or do some more CPU/Memory intensive operation.

@Rhywun, ask for a refund :-)

Padgett Rowell Says:

Nice theme! Want to post your settings for it?

Ken Egozi Says:

“do some more CPU/Memory intensive operation”
I thought VS2005 + R#3 is Memory Intensive enough …

Ken Egozi Says:

btw, how much memory do you have on that Mac, and how much do you let the VS machine use? On my 1.5GB machine R# is slowly choking the system do it’s death

Brian Says:

The fact that you are developing using VMWare Fusion on a Mac has settled the debate for me — my next laptop will run the Mac OS.

Having said that… does anyone want to buy a 6-month-old Dell Inspiron 6400? :)

hammett Says:

@Padgett, will do

@Ken: 2GB, but that’s hardly enough. Especially if you use Adobe Photoshop regularly.

Rhywun Says:

Re: ask for a refund

Sadly, it was months ago – doubt it will happen.

Re: how much do you let the VS machine use?

I was wondering the same thing. My XP machine at work has 900MB RAM and all the 2005 products (VS, Mgt Studio) run verrrrrry slowwwwwly. My Mac at home is maxed out at 2GB so I could spare 1GB but that wouldn’t seem to be enough for VS in my opinion. Dedicate any more than that to Windows and the Mac will crawl. Good thing I don’t do any VS development at home I guess :)

Aaron Jensen Says:

I’ve posted mine before (slightly more literal “desktop” though)… here it is:

josh Says:

The only thing stopping me from buying a macbook pro is the price.
The 17″ macbook pro is $2900. A comparably equipped HP 17″ dv9500 is $1500.

hammett Says:

@josh, you get what you paid for ;-)

@Rhywun, I configure the vm to use 1124 mb. It’s fine for most VS.net needs.

goodwill Says:

stop it! You are killing me… I dont have that US3K for Mac Book Pro yet!!!! Arrrrrrrgh!

BTW, VMWare Fusion reads from Bootcamp partition?

josh Says:

not that anyone cares, but I’m in business…. replaced vmware server with player on Fedora, and now full screen with a healthy resolution works well.

/I can put off spending $3000+ on a macbook pro a little longer..
//now accepting donation of 17″ macbook pro with 7200rpm drive and 4 gig of ram :D

sokun Says:

hammett, what is your mac spec?
It is very impressive to see vs.net 2005 run inside mac environment.
I am going to get one too :) I hope people blog more about their mac experience ;)

sokun Says:

hammett, what is your mac spec? It very impress to see vs.net 2005 dangling inside mac osx :)

Padgett Says:

*poke* Gonna post your vs settings file?

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