Castle Visual Studio Integration Preview 1

July 2nd, 2007

Haven’t you installed it yet? Aren’t you as impress as I am? Oh, you don’t have a clue on what I’m talking about. Fair enough, a picture worth a thousand words:

Using helpers:

Using directives:

In a .NJS file:

More information? Check the Castle Visual Studio Integration page, or just download your copy now. And all kudos to Jonathon Rossi!

6 Responses to “Castle Visual Studio Integration Preview 1”

Steve Gentile Says:


very very nice!

{ null != Steve } » Blog Archive » Castle Visual Studio Integration (colorizer) Says:

[...] Was reading Hammett’s blog and saw his post about Castle’s Visual Studio Integration, so I had to pass it along: [...]

Paul Kohler Says:

Nice – I am just starting out with MonoRail/NVelocity and was thinking about this the other day in my black and white free-text land of “.vm” files…

goodwill Says:

Time for stupid question: How to install? I have installed the MSI and it seems not working.

goodwill Says:
Rhywun Says:

This is great – thanks!! I too had my .vm files associated with the HTML editor. Any chance of getting that to work?

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