We are hiring!!!!

April 25th, 2007

We have just hired Monoman (aka Rafael Teixeira). He’s a mono evangelist and has contributed to many efforts there. Hopefully he would be able to improve Castle experience on mono-land.

But we need to hire another mighty developer. So if you’re in Brazil, and willing to move to São Paulo (enjoying the thrilling experience of getting mugged every now and then), then why not apply with us? Send your resume to careers at castlestronghold dot com

3 Responses to “We are hiring!!!!”

Nico Granelli Says:

I would love to work with you, but I’m not in brazil. If you ever think of open an office in Argentina, call me :)

Carlos Ble Says:

Hi Hammett!!, These are great news!!! Castle + Mono rocks!, CastleStronghold growing rocks!

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